1. When is the official opening of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?


Construction of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is set to be complete by the end of 2022. Once complete, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will offer unique, immersive experiences that engage local and international guests with the aim of broadening their knowledge and appreciation of marine life.


The park’s design leverages SeaWorld’s more than 55 years of experience in marine research, conservation, and animal welfare. Designed with six distinct realms, the park will tell the “One Ocean” story showcasing the interconnectivity between all life on earth and our oceans, while also featuring one of the world’s largest and most progressive indoor aquariums. 


 SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will also be home to the UAE’s first dedicated research, rescue, rehabilitate and return center, which is set to open ahead of the marine life park.


2. What kind of marine life will be at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?


All animals will be obtained from carefully vetted and approved sources that uphold the highest levels of sustainability and welfare of animals which is our number one priority.


 SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will bring visitors up close to marine life through opportunities to observe the natural behavior of marine animals’ first-hand and learning about marine ecosystems. The park will feature a wide range of marine animals, which will be sourced from sustainable and reputable resources.


 These animals will be cared for by an expert team of zoologists and marine specialists passionate about the welfare of these amazing creatures.


3. Why has Miral chosen to partner with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment? 


 Miral is Abu Dhabi’s leading curator of experiences, and we seek to create unique immersive attractions through collaboration with partners that share our vision and passion. 


Partnering with SeaWorld comes naturally. Their unmatched 55 years of experience in marine research, conservation and animal welfare, combined with our existing capabilities in developing world-class destinations, will help us deliver a next generation marine life theme park in the UAE.


 4. Will there be orcas at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?


 No. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will integrate up-close animal experiences, including one of the world’s largest and progressive aquariums, bringing the latest technology in visitor engagement. This next generation park will be a family destination that engages, educates, and inspires, with a focus on marine life care and conservation.


 Although killer whales are not part of the theme park, we will offer opportunities to educate the community and raise awareness about this inspiring creature alongside other marine life species.


5. What does SeaWorld Abu Dhabi bring to the Emirate and how will it supportMiral’s efforts of engaging with the community?


The partnership with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment will complement Miral’s vision in elevating Yas Island’s position as a top global destination for entertainment, leisure and business.


In line with the government’s strategy for sustainability and environmental responsibility, one of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s goals is to provide impactful education and learning opportunities that inspire future generations to care for the oceans and choose careers in marine life. This includes engagement with local partners to build marine life and conservation awareness initiatives, inspiring the UAE’s future generations to follow marine careers and professions.


The research center will particularly contribute to the local and global marine science community by providing world-class facilities to help better understand and protect the region’s marine life and ecosystem. Research by the center will focus on Gulf indigenous species including the dugongs and sea turtles, while contributing to the regional and global science community.